Updated: May 28, 2019

What a lovely lady to award with our MVP Award this week.

Megan has only been with us a short time but she's already made a great reputation for herself as one who always comes in with a smile, is always ready to give every session 110% and is genuinely ready to make changes within her life outside of TEAM Elwood as well as just attending PT sessions, to better her health and move her forward.

In her Results Session Megan lost over 4 kilos and 14 centimetres - and that was in just 8 weeks!

The most notable changes she has made recently are:

- Reducing alcohol: from drinking most weeknights and every weekend (an easy habit to fall into!) Megan has dropped her alcohol intake significantly to just 1 or 2 weekend nights and even often opts to drive instead. She also notes that her snacking has reduced in large part due to the elimination of the arbitrary snacks she was consuming whist she was having a wine!

- Intermittent fasting: Megan's first meal of the day now isn't until 12 or 1pm (before this she only consumes a cup of coffee or tea and water) and she ensures she finishes eating around 9 or 10pm every day. Intermittent fasting limits the total time that she is consuming food and hence results in a lower total calorie intake across the day.

- Increased volume of training: she has made the deal with herself to move DAILY for at least 30min. Megan achieves this every week with a combination of PT, walking, jogging and some at-home resistance exercises like squats and dead bugs, etc.

- Increase in training that is 'high value' for Megan's goals: Her trainer Graham works with Megan predominantly on resistance-based exercises to build up her muscle mass. More muscle mass means a faster metabolism so Megan is now WAY more efficient at burning existing body fat than she was 8 weeks ago, even when she's just resting!

Well done Megan :)

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