​Her face might be recognisable to many of you as she's been one of the GOAT- members @team_elwood_pt for going on 5 years now! But you may have noticed she hasn't been around around lately, and here's why:

​Rach has been doing 14 days hotel quarantine before visiting family back in her motherland (NZ) and today is her final day!

​That thing that makes us all cringe when we think about it: 14 days cooped up in a tiny hotel room by herself, with no human contact, no windows to open and only hotel-prepared meals each day. She's doing it. Actually; she's conquered it.

We knew she'd have a solid plan going in to stay as mentally stable and strong and physically active and healthy as she could during such a bleak period (you don't get to be Transformation Challenge Winner 2 years in a row without being a person who plans ahead for success) so we asked her:

​What's the secret Rach? What's helped to get you through?

"My plan each day was to get to both of the ‘outdoor’ (it was an underground carpark with some open sides) exercise breaks, and do an online PT session for 4 days of the week as well. I worked online Mon-Fri, so that kept me busy and made the days pass a bit quicker. On Sat and Sun, I tried to have minimal screen time and opted for some sleep ins - I never get them normally - and doing the puzzles in the paper that we received each day.

I also asked the kitchen if I could have low carb, low sugar meals and they were very accommodating. Staying connected with friends and family has definitely helped get me through, as well as exercising - I bought glute bands, large bands and a small roller with me so I could get some variation in my exercise breaks, rather than just doing endless laps of the carpark. They also gave us some plant seeds to grow, which was really cute and they’ve put a message on each meal bag. Last day today. Just under 6 hours to go, and I'm doing well, it hasn’t actually been too bad! "

What. A. Legend.

Rach has focussed on controlling the controllables in a greater situation that is very much out of her control, and it sounds as though that has made all the difference for her time in quarantine. We could all take a leaf out of this book.

Rach; Congratulations for tackling such a huge achievement and coming out on top, for overcoming a test of mental-toughness that would rival the mental battle brought forward in some of the longest, toughest, ultra-endurance, physical events on the planet. It's the same, and you've done it. Nothing can stop you.

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