Jack Dally 
Jack's Achievements:
  1. Lost 5.5kg and 20cm in 50 days 

Rach Rylance
Rachel's Achievements:
  1. Lost 5kg and 11.5cm in 50 days 

  2. Gained 1.5kg of muscle

  3. Won the 2019 TEAM Elwood 50 Day Challenge Female Veteran category

Melissa De Angelis
Mel's Achievements:
  1. Lost 20cm, 5.5kg and gained 1kg of muscle in 50 days

  2. Won 2019 TEAM Player of The Year

  3. Tough Mudder and RUN Melbourne 10km 2019

  4. Can now perform unassisted chin-ups

Peter Wallis

Pete's Achievements:
  1. Lost 5kg and 15cm in 50 days
  2. Gained 0.5kg of muscle in 50 days 
James Wright 
James' Achievements:
  1. Lost 4.3kg and 14cm in 50 days

TEAM Members Achieving Goals
Dan Andrews, 36
Original Health Goal:
"Get to 90kg and learn how to run more regularly."
Dan's Achievements:
  1. Lost 25kg 
  2. Melbourne Full Marathon in 3hrs 18mins
  3. Completed Comrades 89km Ultra-Marathon in 10hrs 14min
Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 2.48.54 pm.png
Chris Smith
Original Health Goal:

"To get my fitness back. I’d just come off a foot surgery that had me laid-up for about 6 months."

Chris's Achievements:
  1. Lost 9kg and won the 2018 TEAM Elwood 50 Day Challenge

  2. Ran his first 10km event at RUN Melbourne 2018

  3. Can now perform unassisted chin-ups

Em Downey Transformation Photo.JPG
Emily Downey
Original Health Goal:

"To feel more energised and lose the additional kilos that had crept on. To attain education around nutrition to create better eating habits and to meet new people after recently moving to Elwood!"

Em's Achievements:
  1. Ran a half marathon and full marathon

  2. Improved knowledge on exercise and nutrition and is now applying this to every day life

  3. Won TEAM Player of the Year 2017

TEAM Members Achieving Goals
Matt Christophi
Original Health Goal:
"Lose weight, put on muscle and tone up."
Matt's Achievements:
  1. Dropped 4kg and 17cm 6 months
  2. Can now bench press his own body weight
  3. No longer suffers anxiety and insomnia!