One on One PT.

All of our membership options include Personal Training sessions. Your one-on-one sessions are designed according to your individual goals and as your knowledge, fitness and strength advances, so too will your personal training sessions.

By meeting with our positive TEAM Trainers a few times each week, we ensure that you are getting the most out of your exercise programming, technique and intensity, as well as nutrition education and accountability.






Group Training.

Did you know that you are twice as likely to achieve

your health goals if you exercise with a buddy?

We did. That's why we love group exercise and we provide one or two Group Sessions every day of the week.


We offer different routines for every personality and preference: boxing, cross-training, strength training, run club, core and flexibility.


During Spring and Summer, we also host an outdoor boot camp session every Saturday morning that is open to the wider Elwood community and not just TEAM members.


Studio Access.

At TEAM, we understand that regular exercise needs to be simple, accessible and convenient, otherwise it doesn’t

stick. We also know that moving your body needs to be a

daily habit, and that's why we offer Unlimited Studio Access to our TEAM members. Whenever the mood strikes, you can pop into the studio and jump on the equipment for a workout.


Workshops & Seminars.

We hold monthly educational workshops on how to THINK, EAT and MOVE to achieve your health goals.

With topics like: 'Hormones and Fat Burning', 'Staying on The Rails', and 'Move to Improve' our workshops will give you the upper-edge of knowledge to help you attain a winners mindset and also ensure you know all the secrets, have all the tools and understand all the explanations behind creating your best body yet!