MVP: Anita Russell

One of the many beautiful personalities of our TEAM Elwood community, Anita recently ticked off one of her Bucket List goals: learning to row. Here's a little piccy to prove it. That's Anita fourth from the front :) 

We couldn't look past her as our Most Valuable Player this week because she is exhibiting exactly what we aim to promote at TEAM Elwood; having the confidence and support to PLAY BIG. Playing big doesn't always mean losing all the kilos or winning the all the races. It means being brave enough to have a crack at those things in life you might have one day been scared to try.

So there she is in all her glory, giving it a massive crack we might add! (Her rowing coach said she's got great technique!)

Another reason we voted Anita is because she ALWAYS comes into the studio with great energy. Energy is contagious and we are grateful to have her in here spreading her good vibes with us :) She gives every session 100% effort and attention and even attends extra sessions each week to improve her movement and mobility.

here's what Anita had to say about her time at TEAM so far:

'I have spent a lot of my later years thinking of all the reasons why not to do exercise after a significant neck injury. But now I have developed the confidence to push my physical boundaries without injuring myself. I really thank Graham and the other TEAM Elwood trainers for motivating and training me and above all, building my exercise confidence. Having strong arms and legs and good form from my gym work allowed me to breeze through the 3km warm up/warm down on the rowing machine and the 45mins with 3 other rowers on the water.'

Thanks for being such a legend Anita. You're a wonderful example of what we can achieve with the right attitude and commitment to improvement. We're looking forward to some more actions shots of you carving it up out on the water with your squad!

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