Novice Challenge Winners: Dave and Karin Limon

Karin and Dave joined TEAM Elwood at an opportune time: it was just a couple of weeks prior to the start of the 2019 50 Day Challenge, so they were ready and motivated to see some physical changes. They were at a time in their lives when they knew they needed to shift behaviours. They had been indulging in lots of alcohol, lots of carbs and large portion sizes, not giving any thought to what types of foods were right for their health ideals.

After some deep discussions with their trainers about exactly what needed to change, Karin and Dave both set to work and in a big way. They immediately pledged to go alcohol free for all but 3 of the 50 challenge days. They decided to give themselves a hall pass for 3 special events that fell inside the challenge period, but otherwise stayed completely off alcohol.

They eliminated refined sugar from their diet and found new and interesting ways to add flavour to meals and get extra veggies onto each plate.

They both gave 110% in every training session and learned to fall back in love with the feel-good endorphins that hard training gifts us. With regular weight training and increasing their metabolic rate often, their bodies started to change.

But it wasn't only their bodies that achieved positive results. Their mindsets shifted towards more resilience and determination. Karin even reports that attacking her habit changes became easier and easier as she continued through the challenge.

They looked after each other during the 50 days, keeping each other motivated and on track and by day 50, they were both physically and mentally different people.

Here's what they achieved from their In-Body scan results;


6.7kg total mass lost

29cm lost

200g Muscle Mass gained

7.1kg Fat mass lost


9kg Fat Mass lost

2.2kg Muscle Mass gained

Congratulations guys!

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