Managing your training comeback

Here's some tips on making your absence from the gym a short as possible.

Remove your previous benchmarks: Try not to think about the numbers around your previous sessions. Scale back your numbers on your lifts, forget about your best 1 minute row, and get back to movement being the priority. One of the most difficult parts of re-entry to training is just strapping the boots on and just turning up, so if you can achieve that, you've won!

Increase your rest intervals: With the high achievers within our walls, the M.O is normally to rush fro one set into the next. We've found recovery time is one of the things that people find needs increasing post sickness, so the tip is to slooooow down. If you normally get 15 sets out in a weights sessions - scale it back to 10-12. Be ready for each set.

Prioritise sleep: This one goes without saying. When your body is fighting to recover, the best way to do that is while you're asleep. Even an extra 30-45 minutes per night can be enormous.

Reduce Alcohol and reconsider eating to deficit:

If you're training and eating towards a fat loss goal, eating to a calorie deficit is another stress on your body that you may want to consider picking back up again when you're back at 100%.

Change your exercises: Create some diversity in your movements and regress where necessary. Replace your heavy deadlift with a lighter romanian hip hinge, your bench press with a pushup variation, chinups for pulldown or try something funky on the parallette bars. Whatever the Need, your trainer will be able to find a less demanding alternative to whatever is involved in your current programming.

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