Personal Training to help you THINK, EAT and MOVE, right in the heart of Elwood.

At TEAM, we create an environment of awareness, support and positivity to help you develop all the mind-set tools you need to create the change you want in any area of your life.​ Change your mind-set and you will change your world.




Our philosophy supports healthy eating as a foundation to long-lasting results. ​ We want to help you understand what the best nutrition is for you and your particular health goals. At TEAM, we don't crash-diet, we help you develop life-long, healthy eating habits.




We strive for progress, not perfection with our exercise programs. We encourage each other to move daily and we always provide a fun and friendly atmosphere for your sessions, so that you enjoy yourself with us and keep your exercise regular.






68 - 70 Ormond Road

Elwood, Victoria 3184


03 9531 5200

TEAM Elwood Personal Training

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