Everyones anxiety is a little (or a lot!) heightened right now, and the circumstances of isolation lend themselves to behaviours that are exacerbating this stress hormone increase. Coffee followed by more coffee, into wine followed by more wine... Sound about right?

Whilst you might feel that this habit is helping you cope right now, it isn't. Instead, it's having dire consequences on your health, now and in the long term.

​Join our resident expert Jannah Stone, to have all your stress-hormone questions answered:
❓What are stress hormones and why should I care about them?
❓What effect are they having on my health?
​❓What are the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems (SNS and PNS)?
​❓What do they do and which one do I want to support to stay healthy in body and mind?
❓​What can I do to reduce my SNS response and nurture my PNS to help my hormones stabilise and my health get back to optimal?
❓​How are stress hormones affecting my mental health?
❓How are they affecting my physical health and fat loss?
​❓Are coffee and alcohol really that bad?

*If you have another specific question you'd like us to address on the night, please email it to us.*


8pm Fri July 31

Tickets: $10 for non-memebrs. Free for current members.

Stress Webinar 8pm Fri July 31

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    Grab a cuppa, get the uggs on and get ready to grow your brain!

    Jannah, Betsy and the team at TEAM .


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