Are you moving your body efficiently?

Do you always seem to have little niggles and pains?

Do you truly understand and 'feel' how to engage target muscles and perform movements correctly to get the most out of your training? 


Many people can 'act out' movements and postures with their body but they aren't actually engaging and contracting the right muscles. Instead, they are simply 'hanging off their bones', which is often a fast-track to acute injury and chronic pain.


Join MMA specialist, stunt man and proffessional gymnast Blake Nolan as he breaks movements down to help you gain a sound understanding of which muscles to activate, how to effectively turn them on and how to perform the 'big 5' lifts with impeccable technique to get the most strength gains with the least injury risk:

- hip hinge

- squat/lunge

- abdominal brace

- push

- pull


10am Sat Aug 15

Tickets: $10 for non-members. Free for members.

Movement Masterclass 10am Sat Aug 15

  • Once you make a puchase you will be sent a zoom link to join us on the day.

    Grab some water, get the shoes off and comfy training gear on and get ready to learn how to MOVE BETTER!


    Blake, Nick and the team at TEAM.


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Elwood, Victoria 3184


03 9531 5200

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