Our 2020 Challenge is set to commence on Oct 31 and is available for active PT members. If you aren't a member yet, get in touch today to join the team and get involved!



Because it’s time to break free of Covid's grasp, time to take back the power for your health and act proactively. It’s time to make a COMEBACK!



This challenge is an opportunity for you to reset your health habits after a long winter in lockdown, a time for you to prioritise your health and fitness and get back to your best!


We challenge you to use the suggested habits in our guidebook and action any improvements you can to the way you THINK, EAT and MOVE for 5 weeks to elicit the best possible transformation to your health and have yourself feeling empowered, in control and motivated again!



You'll start by having a Results Session (goal setting and planning) with your trainer in one of your weekly sessions together. This is to set your intentions with your health, uncover areas in need of change and plan for overcoming barriers to those changes.


You’ll have an InBody Body Composition Scan on our specified scan day, Oct 31, just prior to day 1 of the challenge (location tba).


The InBody scanning equipment uses the latest Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology which is safe to use and provides accurate results. You'll be given a report showing an array of valuable information about your body composition including total body water content, bone mineral content, fat mass and percentage and muscle mass. Read more about the technology here. 


Then, using our 2020 Challenge Guidebook (this will be emailed to you after you enter), you will execute our suggested changes to your weekly health habits for 5 weeks, checking in with your PT weekly to ensure you stay on track for the full 5 weeks.


We'll provide support, inspiration and education along the way via blogs, vlogs and articles to keep you moving forward. So keep an eye on our blog, Enewsletter and social media pages!


At the end of the 5 weeks you'll have a second InBody scan and a follow-up Results Session with your PT to discuss the results you have achieved in all areas: mindset, body composition, health and performance.


If you'd like to be eligible to win, you'll need to submit your start and finish scan results to TEAM along with before and after photos so we can announce the winners.



  • Best Novice Male Transformation                
  • Best Novice Female Transformation
  • Best Veteran Male Transformation                
  • Best Veteran Female Transformation
  • Best Trainer Transformation


Note: Submitting your scan results is not compulsory and you can still have your InBody scans and participate in the challenge without doing so. You won't be eligible to win any challenge prizes but you'll still win the pride and self-esteem gained from investing such valuable efforts into yourself and your health!


Important dates:

Registrations open:  Oct 15

Results Session week: Oct 26 - 31

Initial InBody scans (location and booking system tba): Sat Oct 31

Challenge Start: Mon Nov 2

Final Challenge Day:  Sat Dec 5

Final InBody scans: Sat Dec 5

Follow-up Results Sessions: Dec 7 - 12

Awards Presentaion: Date and location tba pending restrictions 


Cost: $99 includes 2 x InBody scans and 2020 Challenge Guidebook.




Ts and Cs:

By purchasing your registration for the TEAM Elwood 2020 Comeback Challenge  you:


- understand that you must be an active PT member to particpate. 


- agree to the above challenge instructions and dates.


- agree to the use of challenge-associated photography by TEAM Elwood for advertising future challenges and services. (No client names will be used with imagery without prior consent.)


- understand that the challenge registration cost is non-refundable.


-  understand that TEAM Elwood and it's employees are not medical professionals and that they are not liable for injuries sustained during your undertaking of this challenge.



After purchasing your challenge rego you will be emailed the 2020 Challenge Guidebook. Have a thorough read of it and rip into the challenge!


Good luck TEAM!


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