Why Keep a Food Diary?

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Keeping a food diary is an excellent way to self-reflect. Often we don't realise just how much and what kinds of food went into our mouth on any given day until we see it written out in front of us.

They say the first step to making lasting change is awareness.

Keeping a food diary helps us become aware of periods when we are eating mindlessly. It helps us uncover danger-periods or trends of time when we might be making poor food choices repeatedly. This allows us to then ask the question: 'What is it about that time of day that causes me to make poor choices?' and come up with other solutions, prepare in advance or plan around them.

My Fitness Pal is our top choice for recording food as you can set it up so that your trainer can log in and check out your habits from their end. This app will also compare your daily eating to your daily energy expenditure if you input exercise and although there are also other factors that do come into play when trying to lose fat, our energy in vs energy out balance is a major one.

Other ways you can keep a food diary:

  • pen and paper

  • take a photo of every meal before you eat it and send to your PT

  • voice dictate into a note on your phone

  • Set yourself a daily alarm reminder to write it into an email to your trainer

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