What happens at TEAM Elwood in a snap lockdown and why this will actually HELP your health results.

Most of our TEAM players are old hands at the lockdown thing now. You guys know exactly what to do and how to stay on track with your health goals during one. We don't take your cooperation lightly during these times and we are genuinely grateful for the understanding and support you all exhibit at those times.

We also have a number of new TEAM players who have joined us this year and who have not experienced training through a lockdown yet. For you guys and anyone else needing a gentle reminder; here's what will happen to all training sessions if we do go into a snap lockdown and why it's going to be A-OK for your health results:

1 - Personal Training sessions will remain booked at their previously scheduled times and all sessions will take place over Zoom. Contact your PT to receive your unique zoom link prior to your session time and if you have any other questions.

2 - All Group Training sessions will take place over Zoom and can be accessed via the members area on our website. Contact your trainer for the members password.

And here's why doing zoom sessions for a week is actually beneficial for your results;

We like to look upon these snap lockdown periods the same way an elite athlete would take to a taper week in their periodised training program.

All elite athlete training programs undergo regular and limited periods of reduced training intensity and or volume to allow the athlete (ie: you guys) to rest and recover into a stronger position. Whether the goal is aesthetic based (muscle gain or fat loss) or performance based (strength, power, speed, endurance, etc) it is VITAL to incorporate these taper periods (sometimes also called 'de-load' weeks) to elicit the optimal aesthetic or performance result.

Put simply: if we only ever train to maximal intensity we are only ever placing continual stress on our bodies and they will only ever break down. If we want to build up and strengthen and improve performance: we must plan regular periods of reduced intensity to allow our bodies to rest and recover. This is where positive results are achieved.

These snap lockdowns are our taper weeks: we reduce the intensity, use less heavy weights, more body weight movements, higher repetitions, more focus on mobility and movement patterns. By doing so we nurture the Para-Sympathic System and allow our bodies to rest, repair and recover into a stronger position.

So if you're freaking out about not being able to get under the squat rack or on the bench press for 5 days; don't. Taking this de-load week of reduced intensity mindfully and purposefully is going to get you closer to your aesthetic and performance health goals in the long run.

See you in 7 days TEAM; in a fitter, stronger, more rested state.

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