Weighted Hip Drives

There wouldn't be many people on the face of the earth who wouldn't benefit from a little extra awareness and strength in the gluteal region. Particularly the deeper, smaller of the gluteal muscle group: Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Minimus.

A strong butt makes a strong athlete ;)

We find that many of our members are often 'out of touch' with these deeper muscles and if they become weak this can lead to a range of biomechanical issues including hip drop, knees that turn inwards or 'fall in' during movements like a squat or lunge and ankles or foot arches that roll inward to create what looks like 'flat feet'.

To avoid these issues, start at the top of the chain; the hips/pelvis and their surrounding musculature including the deeper glutes. 

The Hip Drive exercise is an excellent way to target the gluteal muscles in a stable position with your back supported by the ground. Simo makes this movement look easy but don’t rush though it. There are a few important points to note and execute before pressing your hips up off the ground:

✅place feet directly under your knees and about hip width apart.

✅engage your deep core muscles by exhaling and squeezing your belly button down into your spine. ✅at the same time gently press your lower back against the floor so your pelvis tilts ever so slightly backwards. ✅breathe in and on the exhale press your heels into the ground and press your hips up towards the roof all whilst keeping your core engaged and squeezing your butt muscles. ✅your hips should reach an imaginary line between your shoulder and knee.

✅lower the weight slowly whilst keeping core on.

This exercise can be progressed and regressed by adding or removing weight. Build the foundations to make the athlete. 🍑🍑🍑

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