Weekly MVP: Farah Bostock

A kind and gentle teacher at heart, Farah is one of the loveliest people you'll ever meet. But don't be fooled; she's also got a fierce streak when it comes to her health and fitness! and she gets our vote this week for MVP as she has shown true grit and determination in her application to exercise and nutrition.

She is consistent with her twice weekly PT sessions and commits 100% effort to every one of them. No matter what type of day she's had or how she's feeling Farah always comes in and applies everything she can on the day.

She's also crafty with her other weekly training and combines yoga with spin for a yin AND yang session 4 times weekly. This nurtures both her 'get up and go' and her 'rest and digest' energy systems. Both of which are vital to look after.

Farah has also been managing sugar and alcohol intake closely and seeing definite changes in her body composition and shape as a result.

Keep rockin' it Farah. You're a legend and we love your steady and consistent (rather than: all or nothing) style with heath habits. That's how we get success!

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