Weekly MVP: Chris Maxwell

A bit of a special vote for this week's MVP; Chris' name has come up several times of late in the nominations for most valuable player but we had shelved him because he has a special tie to TEAM Elwood, being Betsy's big brother. This week we felt we had to acknowledge his efforts of late, big bro status or not.

Chris has been training at TEAM since it's inception in 2012 and even had a significant role as a part owner and in the conception of the brand with his wife Jen back our early days.

His training has been steady and consistent and at times he has ventured out to take part in extra-curricular events and fun runs such as Tough Mudder and Run Melbourne. However, it wasn't until late this year that his efforts started to catch our attention as being very much in line with our team vision: To Play Big.

Chris entered the recent 50 Day Challenge somewhat reluctantly and probably more in a bid to fulfil his trainer Liz's hopes for him rather than his own. However as soon as the 50 days commenced, something in Chris clicked into gear and he found a motivation with his health, fitness and physicality that we've never seen in him before.

As Liz reports; he committed immediately to a daily food diary taking note of suggestions she made for positive changes, including reducing his alcohol intake and his intake of hot chips - has favourite food! He stepped out of his comfort zone and committed to extra weekly training sessions by attending group boxing. His efforts in PT sessions became more attuned to making measurable changes to his form and weights lifted, which continued to steadily improve, culminating in a number of Personal Best lifts in his most recent Results Session.

The weeks continued to tick by and Chris' efforts didn't diminish. These efforts not only resulted in a significant rise in his strength and movement patterns but he is also in his best shape in years! Over the 50 days Chris shed a massive 7.2kg of body fat and gained an incredible 1.4kg of muscle!

I'm proud of ya big bro! You very much deserve this weeks Most Valuable Player vote!

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