Week 5 TEAM run program

Overcoming the week 5 slump

The first few weeks of a running program can be really rewarding; it's new and I chartered territory, you're experiencing the 'runners high', and seeing progression in your km splits, distance and recovery.

If you've been consistent in following the program from the start, you might find that the enthusiasm you had to hit the road in the first few weeks may have waned. It's completely normal, and can happen at different times for everyone.

There's a few reasons for this. The progression curve may start to 'flatten out', meaning the big improvements you noticed in the first few weeks are more marginal.

The novelty wears off a touch. Running goes from something foreign and a bit exciting to the norm.

Or you may be feeling a bit fatigued from compounding the sessions week after week.

If you enter this period unaware, anything can stifle your momentum. A hangover, being busy with work, the footy finals or just general procrastination that ends up in a missed session, or a missed week, and falling out of the habit all together.

Here's some tips to overcome a running rut:

Schedule a 'taper week'

A taper week is where you drop your running volume, or cut it out all together. Rather than feeling guilty for missing sessions, scheduling in this rest will have you feeling fresh and rejuvenated for the following week and give those aches time to recover.

Ditch your data

It's so easy these days to collect heaps of information about each run, and get hung up on it. Analysing your km splits, speed, heart rate can become overwhelming and create anxiety around your performance. Run without your phone, watch, and get tech naked for a week to be present and enjoy the ride.

Grab a running buddy

Sometimes running with someone can seem daunting as they may not be the same pace as you, but if you can slow it down and treat it like more of a social activity, it can ease the pressure.

Try some cross training

Do a complete swap for the week. On the days where you'd run, try a yoga class, a TEAM group you've never done before, or a cross training sessions. Ask your trainer for some ideas too.

Whether you're in or out of the zone, congratulate yourself for what you've already achieved. You're not trying to win the Boston marathon, so just enjoy and be proud of every step!

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