Virtual Exercise with Zoom: 7 Easy Tips To Give You a Better Quality Experience.

As always, our mission at TEAM Elwood is to provide our TEAM members with a high value service.

After making the move to online PT and online group training sessions, we have compiled a list of tips and suggestions that will allow a smooth and enjoyable experience for you in your one on one PT and live group training sessions with our chosen virtual meeting platform: Zoom.

Zoom is an effective and user-friendly platform to host our virtual training sessions. All you have to do is download the Zoom app on your iPhone or Android device or go to on your computer and start a profile. Your trainer will send you a link to their personal meeting room and you simply click on this link whenever you have a scheduled session.

Please read our Zoom tips below and put them into practice to improve your virtual training experience with TEAM Elwood.

1. Use a large screen device. Your session will be viewed more optimally on a larger screen, ie: a laptop, desktop or large-screen tablet, as opposed to a phone. You'll more easily be able to see what the instructor is doing. On a computer you can select 'gallery view' so that you can view all participants of the class at the same time - Brady Bunch style. This is helpful if you've missed a snippet of the trainer's instruction and want to see what you should be up to - you can just check what movement the other members are doing.

2. Find the best camera position. If you have the space, it's helpful for your trainer if you can prop your camera/device at a slightly higher vantage point to allow 2 views;

view 1: a full body standing position

view 2: a full body laying/floor position.

This way you can just tilt the screen of your device when you are shifting from standing to laying instead of having to move the device position entirely. Tripods are helpful here and you can grab one from Amazon for pretty cheap. We're using this one. If this isn't possible, that's cool too. We can make it work ;)

3. When to turn on your microphone: In one on one PT sessions it's vital that your mic is ON so you and your PT can chat freely! In group sessions however; we ask that you keep your mic OFF (bottom left corner) for the majority of the session. It's great to start with your mic on to say your initial hellos and get involved in the banter (you know we always welcome some friendly banter at TEAM ;) then when the exercise starts, switch your mic off to minimise background noise and allow all participants to hear the instructor clearly. If you have a question or comment you can absolutely turn it back on momentarily or you can type your question into the meeting chat box in the bottom tool bar.

4. When to turn on your video: We love to see everyone's beautiful faces in our groups and one on one sessions so we'd love it if you could keep your video on for all sessions. This will allow us to help check everyone is getting involved and cue and commend techniques. If you feel uncomfortable about having your video on during a session or if you are partial to a little nude-home-exercise (come on... I know there's a few of you out there ;) then maybe it's best if you keep your video off.

*Please note: All of our group training sessions will be recorded for adding to the TEAM Online home workout library. If you prefer not to be in these recordings then please turn your video off.

5. Log into sessions 10min early. Just like we would if the studio was open; we ask that you come in for your sessions 10min early. Hit the link to get into your trainer's waiting room and use the extra time to get your camera position and sound sorted and have a warm up/stretch before your session starts. This way, as soon as you trainer is finished the session before you they will admit you into their zoom meeting room for the session and you can get straight into things without wasting too much time at the start on setup.

6. To improve the sound, vision and streaming:

- If possible; close doors to the room you are in.

- Take any unnecessary devices off your wifi for the duration of your session to improve the streaming quality.

- If your home wifi is still being temperamental; try streaming from the hotspot on your phone.

- Bluetooth headphones with in-built microphone are a great way to improve the sound for both you and your trainer. You can get some quite cheaply and quickly from Amazon. These ones are good.

7. Get Your Jam On. Music makes many experiences more enjoyable, especially exercise. Get your favourite tunes at the ready, play them in the background of your PT session and blast them as loud as you need for your group sessions. Just remember to turn them down in the group sessions whenever your mic is on :)

If you have any other suggestions on what can be done by either our trainers or our members, to create a great virtual training experience, please share them with us!

If you have any concerns or questions about how to best enjoy your virtual experience with TEAM Elwood, don't hesitate to reach out. You are our top priority.

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