TEAM Player Stories: Pete Luskan

Pete has been a member at TEAM for a brief 4 months. However in that time he's done the work of someone with 5 times his tenure! He has lost an incredible 17kg in his time with us and it was thanks to his unwavering determination to be the best version of himself that he possibly can.

Read about Pete's story below.

"The initial catalyst for me to make a change was that my body wasn't functioning the way I wanted it to. I'd allowed myself to become inactive and I'd stopped moving. Some functional movements had become difficult and it concerned me.

I'd stacked on some weight, I was eating too much

of the wrong stuff and I'd become a bit of a carb-monster.

I recall getting ready for a long weekend away in Port Douglas at the end of last July and none of my shorts fitted. I needed to do a dash to a shop to get some and I was horrified that I needed to purchase size 38 waist shorts. I weighed myself that same day and the scales said 100 kg. That was a low point. When I joined Team Elwood I wasn't lacking in motivation! I'm now just moving to size 32 pants as everything I own just falls off me. My current weight is 83 kg. Besides the change in body composition, the outcomes I've seen have included an incredible lift in energy levels and my general feeling of well-being.

My body moves so much better functionally, and I'm doing things

in the gym that I didn't think I could do. My resting

heart rate has fallen quite a bit and my recovery time

is so much faster. I had previously suffered from mild

insomnia but this has disappeared. I now have no issues

getting off to sleep each night.

I don't need the alarm anymore - I wake up before it goes off and I can't wait to get to training. My general outlook has improved - I feel more positive, powerful and confident and I like what I see in the mirror. I thought going in that establishing the routine of training would be the most difficult thing - I'd had so many attempts at gym membership but never developed an effective habit. It's been different at Team Elwood. Yes, I've been disciplined, but I've felt supported in a way that I never have previously. Working with a skilled trainer has been a game-changer and I look forward to my PT sessions all week. Training with others seems to work for me in way that training solo doesn't and I think the group classes, which I find really fun, have been key for me. The main challenges have been outside the gym. Changing my diet was hard. I cut out alcohol completely. The first few weekends and social gatherings with friends were tough, and I missed having a drink.

But then I realised how good I felt not drinking.

I am up early now and packing so much more into my day.

Cutting out carbs was tough. I've removed all processed carbs from my diet. To be honest, I still crave bread every single day! I travel a lot for work, and I used to to just grab food on the go, which often meant poor food choices. I've needed to be really disciplined in ensuring that I have good food available and ready to go with me. That's been a huge change and challenge for me as it requires lots of planning and it's still a work in progress. My next health goal is simply to continue my health evolution. There are probably three main areas: 1. I want to significantly increase my upper-body strength particularly the chest and shoulders 2. I want to improve my flexibility. Training in a functional way has really allowed me to see which parts of my body are inflexible (such as my hips) and I want to work to improve this 3. I want to move to a truly whole-foods, clean diet and try to remove remaining processed foods from my diet

We have 100% confidence that you'll achieve those too Peter! You have set a strong foundation of habits for yourself so no matter what curveballs life throws as you, as life tends to do, we know you'll get yourself on the other side of them by continuing to prioritise your health.

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