TEAM Elwood Social Distancing Rules


First we'd like to say a huge Thank You to all of you who are keeping yourself up to date with all of our communications, who are continuing with your training where safe to do so and who are showing our entire team of trainers so much love and support right now.

It's such a hard time for everyone, every job, every industry. We fully appreciate that everyone has their own concerns right now so we are truly grateful for your support in staying with us, either in person or in spirit, at this time.

If you are not already aware, we have enforced some Social Distancing Rules at TEAM Elwood this week to physically increase the space between each session and ensure you guys all continue to feel as safe and confident as possible in our studio for your training.

These rules are:

1. No more than 4 PT sessions in the studio at a time. There will never be more than 4 PT sessions taking place at TEAM Elwood at any one time: 1 in each of the front rooms and a maximum of 2 PT sessions in the back room. If there are more than 4 PT sessions scheduled at any one time, the additional sessions will be taken outdoors. Please keep in regular communication with your trainer via text about your session location if you are unsure.

In addition to this; if you are still uneasy training inside the studio, please feel free to request that your session be taken outside. We are more than happy to take the opportunity to soak up some much needed Vitamin D at the moment! We will suggest that you still please start and finish your session at the studio entry as your trainer may need to be at the studio for other PT sessions on either side of yours.

2. 'Self studio use' will be limited to between 9am and 4pm only. By limiting the casual use of the studio to off-peak times only, we are further limiting the number of people in the studio at any one time and keeping a safer space for all of you. We realise that we have a number of members who regularly make use of the facilities in the early morning or night for their own extra training and we sincerely apologise for temporarily taking this away from you. It won't be forever.

3. All group sessions will be taken outdoors from now. Please meet the group trainer at the studio entry and be ready to jog/walk to the group session location. We've also removed boxing from the schedule as we feel it can get a little too 'close-quarters' and replaced it with HIIT and Run Club. Woo Hoo! run club returns! We have also extended most groups so they run for 45 or 60min now so you still get a decent workout in after you arrive at the location. Here's our new lineup:


6:30am: Animal Flow with Andrew, Elwood Park, next to the kids playground

6:30pm: Mobility with Simon, grassed area next to Elwood SLSC.


6:30am: Tabata with Nick, grassed area next to Elwood SLSC.

6:30pm: HIIT with Nick, grassed area next to Elwood SLSC.


6:30am: Core with Liz, grassed area next to Elwood SLSC.

6:30pm: Tabata with Andrew, Elwood Park, next to the kids playground.


6:30am: Glutes with Simone, Elsternwick park, Cnr Bent St and St Kilda St.

6:30pm: Core with Liz, grassed area next to Elwood SLSC.


6:30am: Run Club with Tom, meet at the studio.


8:00am: Flex with Nick, grassed area next to Elwood SLSC.

9:00am: Bootcamp with Tom, Elwood Park, next to the kids playground.

We hope that with these Social Distancing Rules you guys can have the confidence to keep your training as regular as possible and maybe even more frequent! Why not make the best of this situation and get as fit as you can ;)

On Monday we sent out an email listing the increased cleaning and sanitisation measures we are taking in studio at the moment and the various personal hygiene requests we are making of each member. If you missed that email you can read it here.

Thanks again for everything guys. Please keep watching our blog, email newsletters and social media pages as we have some very exciting things in the works to allow you guys to stay fit, motivated and training in the event of a lockdown!

As always, let's stay connected and support eachother through this strange time.

If you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Betsy, Nick and the team at TEAM.

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