Stage 1 And Your Training With TEAM.

With the recent release of the 3-step Covid-Safe Roadmap, we are BEYOND EXCITED to start our journey back into the studio with you. We can't wait to have access to our full studio facilities and the support of our entire team of trainers and members.

Premier Andrews addressed the state today explaining how and when Stage 1 of the Covid-safe plan will be executed in Victoria.

Here's what Stage 1 means for your training with TEAM:

1. One on one Personal Training will continue outdoors and via zoom. Please talk to your trainer to book your PT sessions in your preferred location. These sessions have been a saviour for our members in allowing them to safely get out of their own 4 walls for some regenerating exercise a few times a week. We are 'Covid Infection Control' certified, and all equipment is disinfected after use.

2. SOME Group sessions will move outdoors and will have a limit of 9.

The following group sessions will be conducted outdoors at the listed locations from Wednesday May 13:

Tuesday morning Tabata - grassed area next to Elwood surf club.

Wednesday night HIIT - grassed area next to Elwood surf club.

Saturday morning Bootcamp - Elwood Park, next to the kids playground.

You must book a spot for the outdoor sessions: Because we must cap sessions at 9 participants (plus trainer) you will need to book your spot in advance via the MindBody app if you want to participate in any of the above groups. Instructions on how to do this can be found here. We will be very strict on limiting numbers to 9 and we hope you can understand why. If you turn up for an outdoor session without booking a spot unfortunately you won't be able to join the group :(

Canceling bookings: If you book a spot and are unable to make the session please CANCEL your booking via the MindBody app as early as possible to allow another member to jump in. Canceling because it's too cold isn't allowed. We'll find you! ;) Haha

Sin bin: If you book a spot and don’t show up you’ll get 1 strike. If you get 3 strikes: you’ll be temporarily sent to the 'sin bin' and won’t be able to book into another class for 7 days. Who doesn’t love a little extra accountability, hey? 3. All other group sessions will continue via zoom, at this stage, and do not require bookings. 

These include:

  • Monday morning Animal Flow

  • Monday night Mobility

  • Tuesday morning Tabata (Nick will run this session outdoors but will also stream it as per usual via Zoom if you miss out on the first 9 spots.)

  • Tuesday night HIRT

  • Wednesday morning Core

  • Thursday morning Animal Flow 2

  • Thursday night Core

  • Friday morning Strength

  • Saturday morning Flex

If you have any questions about the above changes please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are looking forward to Stage 2 where we can open up our studio doors again and welcome you home. We’ll release details of what that will look like closer to the time.

Lastly, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for your support and encouragement over the last 7 weeks! You guys should be proud of how you have stayed the course, created yourselves a healthy new normal and continued to place priority on your mental and physical well being during a very difficult time. Thankyou TEAM!

From Nick, Betsy and the gang at TEAM Elwood.

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