Office Setup For a Happy Body

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

With the increased hours we are all spending at home of late, the likelihood that we are spending more hours stationary is high. After all, we are missing out on many opportunities to use our bodies in the way they were designed to be used: for movement.

We aren't walking to and from cars or buses or trains as much as we used to to get to our places of work, we aren't getting in and out of the car as much as we used to, to get petrol, or pick friends up or drop kids off or meet a mate for breakfast. We aren't walking to our buildings, our offices, or to the cafe on our lunch breaks. We aren't ambulating as much in the afternoons or nights or weekends as much as we used to as we are bound to our homes for 22/23 hours a day.

Many of us are spending our days little more like this instead:

Wake up, shower, sit down to eat breakfast, sit down at home office desk and clock onto work for 4-5 hours. Break for lunch. Sit down to eat lunch. Return to sitting desk for another 4-5 hours of work in the afternoon. Finish work, make dinner, sit down to eat dinner, sit dow to watch Netflix for 2 hours, go to bed and lie down for 8 hours.

Rinse and repeat.

Much. Less. Movement.

The likelihood that we are spending more time in stationary positions is high and the likelihood of that stationary position being sitting at a make-shift home office desk is also high.

If we are going to be stuck in our homes for a little monger, lets make sure our setup is geared towards a happy musculoskeletal and nervous system and isn't contributing to headaches, muscle aches, tightness, pinched nerves and an all-round unhappy body.

Take 5 mins to stand up and stretch - as in now. Like, right now... Go on! Stand up and stretch for 5! And as you do, play this little vid from Jannah on how to set your office up for success :)

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