Navigating the Christmas period

1. Ditch the 'All or none' mentality

Easier said than done, as many of us let the floodgates open as soon as that first slice of Christmas cake or chalice of wine hits the lips. The message here is simple. Enjoy what is on offer! Go in with realistic expectations rather than trying to set boundaries around your food intake. A few weeks of eating that isn't necessarily aligned with your prospects of reaching your desired body composition isn't going to be the difference with your results. Maintaining an element of consistency throughout the year however, will.

2. Keep moving

We all need to switch off to some extent after this year, but look for an alternative rather than grinding your movement to a complete halt. Theres no need to bash yourself with a heavy weights session or hard cardio hitout, but anything that will even mildly challenge your metabolism will improve your energy levels, and avoid that sluggish feeling you may get when you stop exercising all together. Check out the exercise library on the members page for some inspiration.

3. Unplug

Delete the mail app from your phone so you can only check emails from your laptop.

Set social media limits.

Turn the TV off and listen to music.

Switch your phone to Do Not Disturb.

Part of your recovery should include your brain, and reducing your blue light exposure is sure to help that.

4. Sleep

We all make better decisions when we're rested!

5. Stay hydrated and nourished

Chase your wines or beers with water, to help pace yourself and and keep your kidneys happy. Think more bout what to include rather than what to exclude. Prioritise the nourishment of your body with lots of plants, before the high sugar/refined carb foods, which will take up a bit of space in your tummy and deliver the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to optimise function. Whether you're at home or on holidays, take inventory of your favourite lunchbox vege's, stock up and snack till the cows come home!

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