MVP: Ingrid Just

The key word & biggest goal Ingrid cited when starting her journey with TEAM was 'balance' – physically, mentally, emotionally & in her lifestyle.

Ingrid has beautifully achieved balance (in a ludicrously unbalanced and unpredictable time!) by:

  • Consistently exercising in a healthy & appropriate way (with a history of overtraining and subsequent injury / fatigue – Ingrid was determined this time to build strength and fitness in a deeply healthy and balanced way rather than giving in to the temptation to over do it, and has also incorporated a rest day in her schedule & a mix of low-mod-high intensity work rather than all high intensity or endurance).

  • In addition to coming to every single PT session, she also rides her bike regularly (now in a 5k circuit), goes for walks & has added yin yoga for mobility & chill time.

  • Consistently eating healthily & well while giving herself permission to give her body enough nutrition to fuel her training and activity levels, and without becoming too restrictive

  • Consistently awesome attitude, super positive, rolling with the COVID punches & always making the most of it

  • Using some of the think habits in the 28 day challenge to create balance, down time & nervous system regulation in an overstimulating time:

  • Getting to bed by 10pm consistently

  • Using Headspace app to meditate first thing in the morning for 10 minutes

  • Yin yoga

Ingrid celebrated her 46th birthday last week and when she was asked by her trainer Jannah if she felt 46 she said: "Not since I started training with you. I feel great!"

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