Coronavirus COVID-19: A message from TEAM Elwood

The health of our TEAM community and staff is our absolute TOP PRIORITY and as such, we want to update you on some new measures we are introducing to ensure our studio is a safe and hygenic environment for you to train.

We will continue to monitor the situation daily and will be amending our response as appropriate.

This challenging time brings with it lots of uncertainty and anxiety. As such we genuinely believe it’s even more important right now to continue exercising regularly to keep your mental as well as physical health in check and here are some further steps we have implemented to allow you to feel confident and comfortable doing that with TEAM:

We have drastically increased our cleaning regime.

- We are all frequently scrubbing down every square inch of our studio with a strong disinfectant as well as a bleach based cleaner; dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX’s, barbells, equipment handles, cardio machines, doors handles and door frames, walls, sinks, taps and other common surfaces. The studio is cleaner and more hygienic than it's ever been right now.

- We have enforced that the trainers are to wash their own hands at every client changeover. We ask that you are patient with us at this time if your trainer needs to excuse themselves from your session momentarily to wash their hands.

- The floor mats are being regularly mopped with a strong disinfectant.

- We employ a commercial cleaner to come in twice a week on top of our own daily cleaning actions. 

We also ask that you help us maintain a safe place to train for all by observing our individual hygiene recommendations outlined here:

- We ask that all members wash hands with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds immediately upon entry to TEAM.

- We ask that all members now bring and carry a large towel with you at all times whilst you are at TEAM. We suggest a full-size towel rather than a hand towel. This to prevent your sweat reaching the equipment rather than to wipe your sweat from the equipment afterwards. Please lay it down under you on any mats or benches you use. Bringing a towel for your session will now be mandatory. If you forget your towel however, you can still train, your trainer will just take your session outside.

- We ask that all members wipe your equipment down with the cloths and disinfectant spray provided at the back of reception. Feel free to grab 1 spray bottle and 1 cloth at the start of your session and just carry it with you throughout your entire session.

- We ask that you try your best to avoid touching your face whilst in the studio and avoid touching surfaces that you don’t absolutely need to.

- We ask that you avoid handshakes, hugs, any physical contact that is unnecessary at the moment. If there is contact necessary please wash your hands afterward.

- And finally; listen to your body. If you are unwell, please stay home and follow the most up to date government guidelines. Our team will ask anyone to leave the gym if they are visibly unwell and our trainers will be permitted to stay home if they themselves are unwell.

This afternoon we are meeting as a team to discuss measures we can introduce to increase physical space between members which may include such things as taking sessions outdoors, limiting numbers of people in each room and in each group session, staggering PT session times or taking personal training online to assist this distancing. Please read our upcoming communications regarding these changes. If you are working from home or can be otherwise flexible to move your PT session to off peak times can you please email us back as soon as possible so we can arrange the above and keep everyone happy, healthy and safe as they train. Please be assured; we are working tirelessly in the background, staying abreast of the situation, how we can best handle it and making plans to keep you moving regularly and staying fit and healthy through this tough time.

This is a changing situation and we’re closely following updates on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and advice suggested by the Federal Government and Health authorities included in the links below:

We’ll continue to update you on our measures as things progress. So for now; let’s stay together, train together and get through this challenging time together.

If you need anything at all, please reach out to us.

Betsy, Nick and the team at TEAM.

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