Cauliflower Hash Browns

'Rich and buttery' certainly doesn't sound like the description of a PT-approved recipe does it? Well, think again!

We are absolutely advocating these rich and buttery morsels of goodness. Packed with veggies as well as low on carbs, these cauliflower hash browns are winners for the entire family!


500g cauliflower

3 eggs

½ yellow onion, grated

1 tsp salt

2 pinches pepper

100g butter, for frying


1. Rinse, trim and grate the cauliflower using a food processor or grater.

2. Add cauliflower to a large bowl. Add remaining ingredients and mix. Set aside for 5–10 minutes.

3. Melt a generous amount of butter or oil on medium heat in a large skillet. The cooking process will go quicker if you plan to have room for 3–4 pancakes (about 3–4 inches each) at a time. Use the oven on low heat to keep the first batches of pancakes warm while you make the others.

4. Place scoops of the grated cauliflower mixture in the frying pan and flatten them carefully until they measure about 3–4 inches in diameter.

5. Fry for 4–5 minutes on each side. Adjust the heat to make sure they don’t burn.

6. Remember — patience is a virtue — if you flip the pancakes too soon they may fall apart!

Recipe from Diet Doctor.

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