Lacking a little motivation? Need direction with your training?

Take our simple 4 x 4 Challenge: do 4 workouts a week for the next 4 weeks and stay healthy, sane and moving during stage 4!

Here’s our suggested breakdown;

✌🏽 2 solid resistance training sessions to build and maintain your muscle mass which in turn, burns fat! Use your weekly PT sessions to focus on this and if you need some extra: jump into Kirky’s Tuesday night HIRT class (High Intensity Resistance Training).

☝🏽 1 High Intensity Cardio-based session to keep your heart and lungs fresh and alive and keep your hormones firing as they should. You could go for a run, a hard bike ride, jump into one of our high intensity group sessions (Tuesday AM Tabata, Wednesday PM HIIT or Sat AM Bootcamp) or follow one of our high intensity home workout videos in the members area. The only guide is: to get to ‘high intensity’ you should NOT be able to hold a normal conversation throughout. You should be out of breath!

☝🏽 1 mobility/flexibility session. Join Simon at Monday’s Mobility class, Jannah at Friday’s Stretch and Chill or Kirky at Saturday’s Flex. This will keep your muscles long and loose and your joints greased and mobile.

It's a pretty simple breakdown guys: if you really want to maintain your mental and physical fitness, it's not a lot of time to carve out in the week and the benefits yo'll gain from these 4 sessions is immeasurable. This will keep you fit and healthy in both body and mind as you weather this stage 4 storm.

Let us know how you go!

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